Book Review: The Book Chook, by Amelia McInerney.

I was lucky to see Amelia McInerney’s first reading of her debut rhyming book, ‘The Book Chook’ at The Children’s Bookshop, in Beecroft. It was a full house, and Amelia had all us booky types laughing the way through. The Book Chook sold out that afternoon, and I missed out!

Not to worry, I got my copy at the official launch in the Blue Mountains. Once again, lots of laughs, this time by an engrossed bunch of kiddies. The Book Chook really is made to be read aloud – the listeners excited when Ray realises he is not a real chook in the book, and is flown over their heads as he attempts to fly out, followed by being prompted to to help Ray out of the book, by calling, ‘Come OUT RAAAAAAAAY.’ In the end though, the Book Chook decides that staying IN the book, is a pretty good option.

Details of the quirky and colourful illustrations by Connah Brecon add to the humour, and even though the chook in the book is not alive, he certainly comes as alive as he possibly can, on these pages.

The Book Chook is hilarious, but ultimately a charming story about accepting who you are, – and as Janine wisely points out to Ray, ‘At least you’ll never be somebody’s dinner.’

You can get your copy here:

Instagram: Amelia McInerney Author

Facebook: Amelia McInerney Author

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