Book Review: Evangeline’s Moon, by Laura Hockley

Capturing a child’s fascination, and obsession with the magic and magnetism of the moon, is no easy task, but Laura Hockley has managed it well, in ‘Evangeline’s Moon.’

The story of a young girl’s love of the moon, is based on Laura’s own daughter, Evangeline. Laura understands her daughter well – and readers will relate easily to Evangeline’s determination to get close to the moon, gorgeously mixed with the innocence of believing a ladder might get her just close enough. 

Change is difficult for little ones to grasp, and yet the moon keeps on changing, ‘Sometimes it was full and fat, other times it looked tiny – like a bite had been taken from it.’ For a long time, it was always there, wherever Evangeline went, till one day, it disappeared. Luckily for Evangeline, her determination is stronger than her disappointment, and she hatches a plan that takes her on an adventure to find her beloved moon.

Not only can Laura write, but she can draw! The cover is particularly striking with its deep blue background, highlighting the luminous moon. I love the sketchy look of the illustrations that simply and sweetly hold movement and emotion.
Ages 3+

You can get your copy here:


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